Saturday, 27 November 2010

Treasure Hunt

I have made up a treasure hunt for my youngest daughter for Christmas Day this year.  I have bought her lots of presents that are small bits and pieces like I would usually put in a stocking but thought to make the morning last a bit longer I would hide the presents and give her some clues to find them.

I typed out the clues in my word processor and then changed it to an old fashioned looking font and changed the colour to brown.  Then printed them out on normal white paper and cut them out singly with a pair of fancy scissors like you use for card making.  Then I rolled each one around the end of a small paint brush.

I found a lovely box in our loft that we bought a few years ago because it looked nice but had never used it for anything, I think it was from one of the pound shops but you could use any box and decorate it nicely.  Just don't forget to print out a separate list if you are going to wrap up the box as a gift so you remember where you are supposed to be hiding the gifts.

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