Monday, 24 January 2011

Craft Desk

I have just about finished decorating my spare room which I use for my craft room and this is my desk where I do all my sewing. 

I made the desk myself by building a frame into the corner of the room where we have an alcove.  The alcove is 6 feet wide so it is quite a big desk.  Once I had the frame built I used some slats of wood I had from an old set of shelves we were going to throw out.  The drawers underneath were from an old dressing table which I took the top off and then slid them under the new desk at each end.  I painted everything to match my room and I am very pleased with it all.


My son bought me some Laura Ashley fabric for Christmas, there were two pieces each one metre in length and both co-ordinating fabric.  I couldn't think what to make out of them but then the other day I bought myself a hoody top from New Look and thought I could try to make myself one out of the fabrics if there was enough.

One piece of fabric was a looser weave than the other and looks like it would be used for curtains, this fabric is white with a pale green flower on it.  I used this piece to cut out the front and back of the hoody.  The other piece of fabric is pale green with white spots on and is more like the cotton you would use to make a bed cover out of or something similar.  I used this to cut out the sleeves and hood.

I had to buy a 24 inch open end zip.  I didn't put a rib around the cuffs or bottom but just did a hem.