Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New Additions To My Stash Of Fabrics

I went to the fabric shop in Rochester this morning (Hometown) as she was having a sale and I bought some lovely fabrics.

Four pieces are full metres and the other three are FQs.  I am going to use them to make some more Mother's Day cushions.

I also got some fabric given to my by my Sister-In-Law.

This orange stripey feels like a linen kind of fabric, and there are a couple of metres of it.  I said originally I would make bags from it but not sure yet.

This white and black one is like a crepe kind of fabric with a stretch to it and it will make a lovely top of some kind.

The next three are all to make tops out of as well.  I would like to get some plain white stretchy stuff to use as a lining for them so will be having a look round for something nice and cheap.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Mother's Day Cushion

I made this cushion this afternoon for my shop, using one of the pansies that I had embroidered.  I pinned it onto a square of fabric in the centre then added some other fabrics around the outside in a crazy patchwork style.  I added some lace and did a bit of machine embroidery to add a bit of extra detail.

On the back of the cushion is a saying for Mother's Day.

If my Mum was still alive I am sure she would have loved this cushion.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


I decided to have a go at using the embroidery threads I got in my bargain bag the other day.  There was a half done embroidery already in the bag which was a picture of some pansies and there was a pattern the person had been following which looked like it had been cut from a magazine.  There was a nice large colour photo on one side showing you what the pansies should look like when finished.  On the piece of fabric that had been started there were quite a few pansies that hadn't yet been touched and you had the outline of the flower and petals clearly showing.

I copied one of the flower shapes onto a small piece of cotton that was originally a tablecloth and then used the colour photo to help me work out how to embroider it.  I didn't copy it exactly, I used my own colour schemes.  Here are some photos of the finished pansies.

I am going to cut the outer bit into squares and use them as patches for some patchwork cushions I want to make.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Another Pretty Kindle case

I have listed another Kindle case on my shop this afternoon.  This one was what I originally made for my niece but it was the wrong size as she has the Kindle with the keyboard on it and this one fits the new Kindle which doesn't have the keyboard.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Two New Cushions Added To My Shop

I finished off two new cushions for my shop today.

The first is this flower cushion.  The flowers are appliqued onto a patchwork background and then I have embroidered over the top and added some beads and sequins for decoration.

The second is a different novel idea I thought of.  It is a cushion with a secret compartment inside for storing things like letters or a secret diary which would be great for a teenager.

I used a cotton fabric with horses on for the front panel and added a border in a contrasting brick red cotton.  Then I used a thick upholstery fabric for the outer edge and the back.  The cushion pad fits inside where there is another sipped pouch so that when you have put your secrets inside you can turn the cushion over and it would look like a normal cushion.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Today's Bargain

We went in the charity shop today, I was looking for some fabric but couldn't find any, I was just leaving when a plastic shopping bag caught my eye. This is what was inside it.

I bought the whole bag full for £3.50. There must be hundreds of embroidery skeins in every colour you can think of.

Plus two large hoop sets, 1 medium (on the unfinished embroidery) and 1 small hoop. I am so pleased with it all. Will give em something to do of an evening.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Soft Fleece Taggy

I wanted to make a taggy for my new Grandson. I had some fleece left over from Middle Grandson's jacket I made last year so thought I would use this as the main part as its lovely and soft to touch. I had some pretty jungle print nursery fabric too so I cut some squares out and appliqued them one on each side, then added lots of nice ribbons in different colours around the edge.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Another Kindle Pouch

I made another Kindle pouch this morning for my shop, this one is made from a hot pink polkadot cotton and it has a pretty flowery fabric for the lining.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Kindle Case / Pouch added to Folksy Shop

I have added this Kindle Pouch to my shop this afternoon.  It is made with some lovely teddy bear fabric and has a velcro fastening on the flap at the top.  The case is padded to give extra protection.