Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Fabric Stash

I bought some fabric off a seller on Ebay the other week  My brother-in-law picked them up from the seller for me and we went up to pick them up from my sister's house on Friday.  I was expecting there to be 4 black rubbish sized bags full but found that the bags were more like people sized and there was an extra bag they had given him for free.  We had to jiggle it all about to fit it in the car to get home and I couldn't wait to have a look and see what was in there.

The fabric is all knitted jersey and mainly dark colours.  The pieces are all quite large in size.  I am hoping to make myself some clothes out of it like jackets and trousers.

Here is a photo of some of it piled up on my table.  There is another big pile on the bed which I couldn't fit in the photo as I thought the table legs might give way with the weight of it all, plus there is another bag full under the table which is small cut off pieces.

I have already cut out a long frock coat and a pair of trousers out of one of the pieces and another jacket out of another.  I will publish a photo when I have finished it.  Seeing as I got all this for the princely sum of £2 I am well pleased.