Saturday, 21 January 2012


I decided to have a go at using the embroidery threads I got in my bargain bag the other day.  There was a half done embroidery already in the bag which was a picture of some pansies and there was a pattern the person had been following which looked like it had been cut from a magazine.  There was a nice large colour photo on one side showing you what the pansies should look like when finished.  On the piece of fabric that had been started there were quite a few pansies that hadn't yet been touched and you had the outline of the flower and petals clearly showing.

I copied one of the flower shapes onto a small piece of cotton that was originally a tablecloth and then used the colour photo to help me work out how to embroider it.  I didn't copy it exactly, I used my own colour schemes.  Here are some photos of the finished pansies.

I am going to cut the outer bit into squares and use them as patches for some patchwork cushions I want to make.


  1. This looks amazing, I love the colours that you've used. My Nanna used to love pansies and had cushions with them embroidered on - thanks for bringing that memory back!

  2. Those pansies are gorgeous! Well done you! :-) I'm visiting from the MSE sewing thread by the way. Looking forward to seeing your finished work with these lovely embroidered pansies in place in it. Best wishes from windy Liverpool.