Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New Additions To My Stash Of Fabrics

I went to the fabric shop in Rochester this morning (Hometown) as she was having a sale and I bought some lovely fabrics.

Four pieces are full metres and the other three are FQs.  I am going to use them to make some more Mother's Day cushions.

I also got some fabric given to my by my Sister-In-Law.

This orange stripey feels like a linen kind of fabric, and there are a couple of metres of it.  I said originally I would make bags from it but not sure yet.

This white and black one is like a crepe kind of fabric with a stretch to it and it will make a lovely top of some kind.

The next three are all to make tops out of as well.  I would like to get some plain white stretchy stuff to use as a lining for them so will be having a look round for something nice and cheap.


  1. Ooh some lovely fabrics Rufus, and you got them in the sale, nice one!

  2. I can comment at last! Lovely lot of fabrics you've got there. Our craft shop has a sale as well got some nice linen 40% off!
    Looking forward to seeing your makes.