Monday, 22 November 2010

Football Bears

I had some blue fur laying about that I had bought to make a Tree Skirt for Christmas one year when we had a blue living room. I had quite a big piece left over so as my eldest grandson is a Chelsea fan I decided to make football bears for the three of them for Christmas this year. I bought half a metre of white and half a metre of red to go with the blue as two of them are Arsenal fans (or were when I made them lol, you know what kids are like).

I got the pattern off the internet, it was a free teddy bear pattern. I made it smaller than the one they had by just printing off the pattern a bit smaller. I knitted the clothes for them by finding a free pattern also on the net for a new born baby set of jumper and bottoms, but made the legs a lot shorter and also made the arms shorter on the jumpers.

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