Monday, 22 November 2010

Red Black and Gold Quilt

I made this quilt for out own bed. I had started to collect fabrics for it last Chrismas when my sister-in-law and I went a Christmas do at the fabric shop in Rochester and she told me to choose some fabrics and she would buy them for me for Christmas. I bought about 4 or 5 FQ's in reds, blacks and creams with gold metallic patterns on them. At the shop, everytime you spend £10 she stamps a card and when it is full up you can choose a metre of fabric free and I had filled up my card after this purchase so I bought a metre of a nice black with a gold print on it to go with it. I put these bits away and then after Christmas I found quite a few FQ's on Ebay in the sale as the fabrics had been sold as Christmas fabrics (they haven't got Christmassy patterns on, just swirls and things like leaves or flowers).

I started to make up the centre block in the spring and then in the summer I managed to buy enough fabric to finish the outer blocks. Most of the blocks are made from triangles which I had made by sewing two squares together across the diagonal with two lines of sewing and then cut between the two lines and pressed them open so they were now two squares made up of two triangles of different fabrics. These new squares I put together in different colour combinations to make the larger blocks. I had designed the layout in my note book first so I could work out how much more fabric I needed to buy and so I knew how to sew the bits together.

The wadding I used was a thicker wadding than usual as they had run out of the thinner one in Dunelm Mill when I went to buy it. It was a bit harder to sew but I am very pleased with the result and it is quite a warm quilt to use.

I made the two cushions to go with it afterwards.

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