Monday, 22 November 2010

Recycled Magazine Clutch Bags

I made five of these recycled magazine clutch bags back in January. They are for Christmas presents for this year for my four nieces and my son's girlfriend. They were made by following a tutorial on the web for making bags from candy wrappers but instead of using wrappers I used pages out of magazines as I have loads of these given to me to read and seemed a shame not to find a use for them.

I bought some rolls of clear sticky tape that was 2 inches wide and stuck a strip of this to the page from the magazine I wanted to use. I could get about 3 strips from each page, then cut them out so I had a pile of strips as long as the page, then cut the strips down to the right length. I can't remember how long they had to be off hand but there are lots of tutorials out there and they are really easy to follow showing you how to fold the pieces up and link them together to make a chain, then you sew all the chains together to make the bag. It has a zip sewn into the top. I will just have to tell them to try not to get the bags wet!

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  1. I seen you mentioned these on the forum, they are rather cool :)