Monday, 22 November 2010

My First Quilt

This is the quilt I made while on my course. It lasted for four weeks and we went on evening a week so had to get a lot of it done at home. It wasn't technically the first ever quilt I had made as I had made one when my eldest daughter was little and she had loved it. It wasn't a cotton fabric quilt though and I hadn't put any wadding in it or anything, was just like a large blanket but she loved it.

This one was for my youngest daughter for Christmas and she was into pink and black (her room had been decorated in these colours not long before) and also liked skulls so the fabric was just right for her. I bought the special fabrics from sellers on Ebay as you can just about find any pattern on a piece of fabric if you look hard enough. I then bought some other flowery pinks and blacks at the fabric shop to fill it all out. I used plain white cotton for the plain rectangles.

When I had finished making the quilt up and had done all of the hadn quilting I decided to embroider my daughter's name on some of the white patches with a metallic variable coloured thread. Her name is Rebecca and we usually call her Becca but at school she is known as Becky and she was into writing her name with all different spellings, like Beka, Bekkii etc etc. I sat and worked out all the different spellings I could think of then wrote them out in bubble writing on paper so they looked the right size to fit on a patch then cut them all out and pinned the name to the quilt and embroidered around the edge, then filled in the other lines that were underneath the paper. It took quite along time to finish but looked nice when it was done.

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