Monday, 22 November 2010

Photo Book With A Difference

For my grand daughter's brithday I made her a photo book with a difference. Here are a couple of the pages from the book to show you the kind of thing I did. I used a photo editing programme (Paint Shop Pro 5) to make the pages, they are just a blank rectangle which I covered over with a pattern, then I added a photo of her or a member of the family which I had made into a cartoon effect ( I found a site online which did this for free) and then added some embellishments and some text at the bottom and saved the whole page as a jpg file. Then I went on to one of the website where you can buy a photo book and instead of just adding photos I added the whole thing as if it was a photo and made it cover the whole page. The finished book was lovely and looks like one you buy in the shops.


  1. Please, please, please could you tell us what sites, and how you did it. I would LOVE to do one of these.

    Brilliant Les, it's fantastic. xxx

  2. WOW Rufusdog, you are really clever and this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing it <3