Monday, 1 August 2011

So Many Things on the Go

I have had a few days off from my sewing machine as I have been to my Dad's to do some decorating for the weekend.  Now that I am back I can see that I have many projects on the go which I need to get on with.

These are some cross the shoulder bags I am in the middle of putting together similar to the camoflage ones. 

The first one is a photo of two fronts with the pockets aready attached.  The fabric is a lovely light purpley colour and its a really soft to touch velvet of some kind.  I bought it in a charity shop, the lady said it was supposed to be a table runner.  It had a backing to it as well which I am using for the linings of the bags.

The second photo is a bit hard to see but its black corduroy and was a pair of trousers my OH's Dad gave to OH but they didn't fit.  They were new trousers, he just didn't want them after buying them so I thought I would recycle them as bags.

These next two photos are of the lovely fabrics I bought at Lewisham market last week.  I bought 2 metres of each and it cost me £8 in total.  I am going to make myself a top out of each and then I am thinking about making another 2 tops out of whats left over (3 if I count the fabric I made the last top out of) and sell them on my shop. 

These last two photo are some shopping bags I am in the middle of making.  The main part is made from some beige spotted vinyl and then I have added a large section of a cotton fabric to the tops (this idea was to make them easier to sew on the machine).  I am going to line the bags and I need to come up with some handles.  The cotton fabrics were recycled from skirts given to me by my niece.

I suppose I had better make a start then as sitting here thinking about it all isn't going to get them finished.


  1. I love the floral with the beige spot, lovely makes x