Thursday, 25 August 2011

Table Runner in Autumn Colours

I made this table runner today for my shop.  I used up some more of the small scraps I had left over.  This time I found some in pretty autumn shades.  I made up some strips using the smaller pieces so they were as wide as I wanted the finished runner to be.  Then I had a look through my box of fabrics and found I had some pretty curtain fabric in a beige that had some embroidery on it in brown and cream.  I cut some of this into the same size strips as the patchwork and sewed them together into pairs.  I also cut out a larger piece to use as a centrepiece.  The runner still would not have been long enough when made up so I looked for some more fabric to use with it.  I found another piece of the cream fabric I used on the last table runner.  It is plain coloured but it has a self stripe to it.  I cut this fabric into a bit wider stripes and then joined the whole thing together and gave it a good press.

I backed the whole thing with some cream coloured poly-cotton then I sewed some pretty beads to the two ends to give them some weight so they hung nicely.

1 comment:

  1. I like this. The creamy embroidered fabric in the center gives it some texture, and lifts the feel of it. The beads at the end are great too. Wonderful job Les. xxx