Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Table Runner and Placemats added to my shop

I was with my sister the other day and I asked her if she could think of anything I could make that would be quite quick to make up that I could make using up some of my small scraps of fabric I have left in my scrap basket.  She suggested making table runners or placemats.  I had a sort out and put all the scraps in heaps matching the colours and found I had enough red bits and pieces to make up a table runner and a set of 6 place mats.

For the runner I started by finding some strips that were about the same length and sewing them together to make a new piece of fabric, then added a larger piece to it and some more strips until I had a piece as wide as the runner was going to be.  I had enough to make 6 of these strips up.  Then I found some cream fabric that has a self stripe to it and added that inbetween the strips to give the the thing a bit of length and then I added a larger piece to the centre.  I wasn't happy with the plain cream in the centre so I added a large rectangle of Amy Butler fabric I had left over and it made a nice centre piece.  I backed the whole thing with some cream poly cotton and then added some beads to the ends.

For the placemats I started by cutting up what was left of the Amy Butler fabric into 6 rectangles, then added a border of the cream fabric around the outside and then I got all the rest of the small scraps and sewed them into a long strip and then attached this around the outside of each mat to make another red border.  I finished them off by addding a plain cream backing.

I decided to add the placemats and runner separately to my shop although they do match.


  1. They are lovely, placemats are also on my lists of to dos...but then Id probably need to make a set for each day of the week as my kids spill food over them every day! To answer your question the festival of quilts is at the NEC in Birmingham it starts tomorrow and runs through till the weekend. Dana

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I cant get to there so shame as I would have liked that. Still I am supposed to be going to a quilt show near me one day this month, not sure what day yet.