Friday, 14 October 2011

Three new bags added to shop

I have added three new bags to my Folksy shop this morning.  It seems like I have been making these for ages as I was doing 8 bags all together and I was waiting for things like the metal bits and the straps to come.  I have finished these three completely and have another 5 which just need the linings sewn in tonight.  There are two more of the multicoloured ones which are exactly the same and two more of the brown ones but these will have white straps on them instead of brown.


  1. Ooh lovely - esp the colourful middle one, is the fabric printed with tickets? x

  2. Thank you xx. Yes they are like bus tickets etc, its really unusual fabric.

  3. They are very nice. You are such a neat sewer. I also like the middle one best. I'm sure they wont be hanging around for long.