Thursday, 22 September 2011

What I Have Been Up To The Last Week

I have not been able to finish anything off the last week as my machine has been away so I was concentrating on my knitting.  I have managed to get quite a long way and have done two fronts, the back and one and a half sleeve so not a lot more to do.

On Sunday I went to a craft fair (it was mostly quilting) at Hever Castle in Kent.  It was a lovely day, they had one big marquee that had all the beautiful quilts in, it was very inspiring to have a look at them all, lots of different design ideas.  Then there was another large marquee full of fabric stalls.  I was so spoilt for choice in there that I spent over an hour just drooling over the items on display.  I ended up buying four different fabrics, a metre of each which I want to use for making bags.

When I got home I still had some money left over and I had seen some of my virtual friends telling about a fabric sale on one website so I had a look and found they had loads of gorgeous fabrics on there going cheap.  I ordered two fabrics, a metre of each to make some more bags, and then I ordered a remnant of dressmaking fabric to make myself a top out of.  There was also some interfacing that was only 25p a metre so I ordered 4 metres of two different weights which I use frequently.  The parcel turned up yesterday and it is all really nice stuff.

This morning I couldn't resist going up to have a sort out of my new stash and decided to cut out some bags so that I would have them ready when my sewing machine came back.  The last time I made some bags I had cut out some extra linings anyway and had stitched some of these together so I had a head start.  I want to make four of the bags as presents for Christmas next year and I decided to cut another five out while I was at it.

I managed to get the linings cut out for all nine bags and the outer bits cut out for 6 of them.  By then I was getting too tired to continue and just as I was packing away the bloke knocked with my sewing machine.  I have got it out of the box and set it up ready for next time.

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  1. What you went shopping and came home with some money!!! :0D
    Sounds like your going to be in bag heaven. Hmmm I bet you've got a huge stash of fabric that I could drool over if I lived near you!!