Friday, 30 September 2011


I have finished off the cardigan I was making.  It took me about two weeks to make it altogether.  The hardest part was the collar as there were so many stitches and you had to make sure they were properly spaced so that the increasing for the shawl collar would work and be in the middle.  I was getting into a right muddle at first as the circular needles I had were the kind that the ends just pop off if you pull it hard and what with having so many stitches as well, I think it was 378 altogether at one time.  In the end I managed to find my Mum's old knitting needles and found a better circular needle in there and once I got the amount of stitches sorted it wasn't too bad doing.


  1. Wow thats wonderful! I can only dream of ever knitting anything that fantastic! x

  2. That looks so cosy. Your daughter, I hope, will be suitably grateful :0)

  3. Love your sweater. My mother always knitted. But I never learned. You work is beautiful. I would learn if I didn't live in this southwest desert. Enjoying your blog. Sharon
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