Thursday, 19 May 2011

Grandson's Sewing

My eldest Grandson Ryan, who is 11, decided he wanted to have a go at sewing seeing as all us girls were doing it.  He asked me if he could meake me something so I said I would like a needle case to keep my needles sorted, he asked me to help him so I found some fabric that was left over from something youngest daugther was making at school years ago and never finished.  He soon got into it and started doing patterns around the edges.  He used to leave it at my house and just do a bit whenever he came.

Then the other day he knocked on his way home from school and he had a big grin on his face and said he had made me something at school, then he produced a lovely orange pencil case.  He had made it all up himself and I was quite impressed with it seeing that he had never really sewn before, just doing the patterns around the edge of the needle case.

Here is a picture of my pencil case.

I like the way he decorated it with some buttons and beads and he has stcuk some letter beads on the front saying Nan.  I have it in pride of place on my work desk with my pens and pencils in.

He has now finished the needle case as well.  He lined the inside with some orange felt.  Here is a picture of the finished article.

He even sat and put all my needles in it for me as they were just stuck through an old bit of paper that was falling to bits.

I am very pleased with both my gifts.  He is now asking what else he can make.

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  1. Oh how wonderful. No wonder it has pride of place, he's done a good job. :)