Thursday, 9 December 2010

Napkin Holders, Christmas Favor Boxes and Centre Piece

This morning I made some napkin holders and favor boxes.

The holders are just a piece of card which I tried to roll up but it didn't go very well, so once I stuck the embellishment on the front I flattened the whole thing and think it looks better like this now.

The idea for the boxes were from  this site  and was passed on to me by Julie (elysia2003).  I have put three chocolate mint squares inside which I placed in a small bag first as they were not wrapped.  Should be fine as we are having our special dinner on Saturday.  I found that the sides of the boxes wouldn't quite go together where they met at the point and left a bit of a gap.  This was probably due to there being three mints in each but I thought two was a bit stingy.  I punched holes in the top and threaded the red ribbon to tie them up so that they are not glued together, it is just the red ribbon holding them together.  On the front I glued a triangle of some patterned glitter card I found in my craft box that I have had for years and then I stuck two small pieces of curling ribbon and a small gift bow on as well.

I made a centre piece for the table by placing a candle in the centre then putting one of those rings you can buy with the holly and pine cones on it around the outside, it is gold coloured.  Then I bought some small LED lights which are run buy two AA batteries, they come from 99p shop and are shaped like stars.  I twisted thenm around the outside of the cones etc and then placed a piece of thick gold tinsel around the outside so I could hide the wires and the pack for the batteries under it.  Here is a picture of what it looks like with and without the lights on.


  1. loving the favour boxes. What you putting in them?

  2. I put some after eight type mints in them. OH's parents took theirs home with them, didnt want to open them lol.