Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Tablecloth and Mats

I made a quilted tablecloth for Christmas earlier in the year.  I had some fabric that had square blocks on it with pictures of Santa on them so I used these as the centres for some blocks and did a log cabin like pattern around the edges with some other Christmas fabrics I had.  The blocks came out about 6 inches square.  I also had quite a bit of another fabric that was cream with some hand writing on it which although the words are not Christmassy, it looks nice, so I put some of this round the outsides in a thicker border and then sewed the larger blocks together.

The tablecloth was still a bit short length ways but fitted width ways but I had just about run out of the script fabric so I used some plain cream and made the ends of the cloth slightly different.  You cant see the ends in the photos but they look ok as I had enough script fabric to do the border around the edges so it matches the rest.

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