Friday, 2 March 2012

New Top

I made this top yesterday out of some fabric that my lovely Sinter-In-law gave me.  The fabric is a knitted thin jersey of some kind, like a thin crepe.  It drapes nicely and was really easy to sew.

I had a top already that I liked so I used this as a pattern to cut out the pieces.  There were four pieces altogether, the front, back, and two shoulder/sleeve pieces.  The shoulder/sleeve pieces are practically rectangular in shape and they are sewn onto the sloping edges of the front and back like raglan sleeves. 

When I had sewn up the shoulder seams and the side seams I finished off the edges of the neck, sleeves and bottom by making sure they were all even and then I sewed around the edge with a zigzag stitch in a dark brown colour, sewing half on and half off the fabric.  Where the fabric was slightly stretchy the finished result doesn't really look like zigzag, it just looks like a neat edging. 

After that I stitched some thin flat elastic around the inside of the neck and sleeves using a stitch on my machine which I think was a double overlock stitch.  It was like a zigzag with a straight stitch down each side and it tried to make it wide enough so it encased the elastic rather than actually stitching through it.

The top took me about 2 hours to make from start to finish and cost me nothing but effort.

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  1. I love this top, and the colours are very me . x