Thursday, 16 February 2012

Super Hero Cushions

I wanted to make a cushion for my daughter's boyfriend for his birthday.  He loves Marvel Comics so I searched on Ebay and found a seller selling some lovely colourful Marvel fabric.  I also bought some plain black cotton to go with it.

When the fabric came I had a look at it and found that there were three nice bits I could cut out as panels to make fronts so decided I would make up three cushions, one for the boyfriend and two extra for my shop. 

I cut out three 12 inch pieces out of the fabric and then cut some 3 inch strips from the black fabric and stitched them around the outside as a border.  This made the front of the cushion.  The back of the cushion has a 12 inch square of black cotton with a star appliqued on it, then a thin border of the comic fabric and then 3 inch strips sewn around to make it the same size as the front.  I put a zipper in the bottom to close it.


  1. Gorgeous. Love the way the colours pop on the applique side against the black. x

  2. I think that they are lovely. Really great ideas.