Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Shirt

I made this shirt today for my other half.  It is using the same pattern that I made the other ones from.  The fabric was off a market stall in Lewisham, London and cost me £2 a metre. Two metres was plenty enough as the fabric is a viscose and very wide.  I had to buy some more interfacing which cost me £1.50 for a metre but I have loads left over.  I already had some buttons in my tin so the cost of the shirt was about £4.25 if that plus a days work.

He will like this as he is always on about having a nice flowery shirt like you see the celebs wearing on the tele.  He liked the blue flowery one but this is a it more bold.  I can't wait till his birthday now in August to give it to him.


  1. Gorgeous shirt Lesley, my hubby would love this.xx

  2. Wow that looks like something you could buy in the shops! U are very talented! x