Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Top

I have found a lovely shop in Lewisham where my MIL lives that sells loads of different kinds of fabrics, and they always have a big wooden bin at the front with remnants in.

I have bought a few bits from there in the last couple of months to make my self some tops but hadn't got any done, but yesterday I decided to go for it and make one up.

The fabric is sort of netty, very open so you can see through it.  The pattern on it is nice and bright where its been sort of embroidered or something with some silky deep colours.  I found a stall out side the shop selling braids and lace in all different colours and found one that matched the fabric in colour so bought a couple of metres of that as well.

I decided I wanted a square neck to my top and had a top indoors that had this kind of neck to it so took that in to help me cut it out.  I had another top that I liked the style of but it was a little bit too tight so I folded it in half and put it away from the edge of the fabric and cut around the the opposite side leaving some extra fabric to make it a bit bigger.  The extra fabric in the middle where the neck is I gathered up to fit the piece of braid I used at the neck line and then just sewed the braid on over the top of the neck hole.  The hem adn sleeve hem were easy to sew, I zigzagged the edge first to make it a bit firmer then folded it under and stitched around using a very slight zig zag stitch to make it stretchy.

 I have a pink vest type garment that I can wear underneath which came with another top I bought in a similare type of fabric.

I am very pleased with the top, I reckon it cost me about £10 to make altogether and I have some fabric left over which I might use to make a skirt for my granddaughter.

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