Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Second Denim Quilt

Here is the second denim quilt.  I am afraid I finished it before I saw someone wanted a tutorial so can't really do a step by step for this one.

I am just about to start a new denim quilt, completely different to this one, I am going to be making it up as I go along so will do some photos as I go and see how it turns out.

I kept looking back at this quilt thinking it looked a bit drab in colours for my youngest niece so decided to brighten it up a bit by adding some fabric yo yos.  These are circles of fabric that you cut out and then turn over a small hem all the way round and do a running stitch around to keep it down, the you draw up the thread and fasten it so that its all gathered in the middle.  Then you flatten it out to make it look nice and I added a button to the centre before sewing them onto the quilt.

This is a close up of one of the yoyos attached to the quilt, the next photo is of the whole quilt.  It still looks a bit dark but I think its more girly and looks better in real life than in the photo.

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