Sunday, 12 June 2011

Grandson's Camoflage Bag

My grandson Ryan wanted to make a bag for his next sewing project.  The lovely Mooloo sent me some nice camoflage fabric and he chose some to make it out of so yesterday he had a marathon sewing lesson. Here is the finished article.

He sewed all the seams buy hand using a double thread and some nice small stitches.  Took him from 1.00pm until 6.30pm.  He put in a lining which had a pocket for his cards (he is a budding magician).

Here is a picture of him looking proud carrying his lovely bag.


  1. Wow! Well done him it looks fab :)

  2. I always said sewing isn't just for girls. Well done him and by hand as well. Bet you're proud of him.

  3. Wow well doneto him I couldn't produce anything that good

  4. Well done, it looks good...a crafter in the making x